20 July 2006

23 Months Old!

Blue is 23 months old today! I cannot believe how fast the time is passing! Tonight she had her first real phone conversation! Usually, we put the phone up to her ear and she just stands there, silent, or she pulls away from the phone to look at it. Which always puzzled me, because she loves to walk around with our old phone and talk into it. Anyway, I was on the phone with Jonathan tonight and I held the phone up to her ear, and suddenly she said,


So then my mom (who was here with me and can bear witness) and I stared at each other in amazement as Blue went on to say "yeah" a few times before I finally took the phone back.

Blue was so excited. You could tell she "gets" it now--that the voice on the phone really is talking to her. And Jonathan was so excited, too.

After I had hung up, I said to my mom that I am so glad Blue's first real phone conversation was with her Daddy. My mom said, "Well, Daddy always comes first." And it's so true. Blue just adores her Daddy.

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Amy said...

Hope she feels better soon! Having the chicken pox stinks.