20 July 2006

Tastes Like Chicken ...Pox

As if strep wasn't bad enough, now my Blue has chicken pox! Poor little baby.

It's a little scary, though, that she can have such a high fever and act completely normal. I get even a low fever and I start crying. It's like some weird knee-jerk reaction. I also cry every time I throw up. I am just one big cry-baby.

But Blue had a fever last week of 103 for 3 days straight and except for the fact that the child was burning hot to the touch and her eyes were a little glassy, she seemed absolutely fine. Maybe she's some kind of superhero.

She has a raging fever, but no one knows. She could be near death, but she keeps it on the down-low. She's Super-Sneaky Sicko!

Seriously. As my mom would say:

It scares the crap out of me.

I will be chasing this poor kid around with a rectal thermometer her whole childhood. "Come to Mommy!"


Anonymous said...

Poor little girl! I hope she feels better soon. Is she itching a lot?


girlysmack said...

Not a lot (yet) but I'm sure that Aveeno bath stuff you gave us will come in very very handy.

Justin said...

Thank you! (both for the pick-up lines and the compliment).

Jonny said...

Who is this Justin guy, huh? Pick-up lines? Compliment? I leave town for 2 days and you're trolling the internet for dudes to hook up with. Nice. HA! Caught ya!

Justin said...

YOU GOT NOTHIN' ON ME!!!1!1!! :)