18 July 2006

Jon the Builder

And now for the most important shout out I've ever posted on this blog... And then I am retiring from this business of shouting. I'm getting hoarse (har-de-har har).

I have to take a moment to talk about this man:

Can't see him clearly? Okay. Here he is again:

This man--this wonderfully talented man--of mine has been building me a fabulous deck. It is so incredibly perfectly constructed. You should have seen the precise drawings, the hours spent poring over the books, the calculations, the trips to Home Depot, the haggling for a discount at 84 Lumber... You would be amazed.

Who is this guy? I had no idea he was lurking in my husband's soul, desperate to escape and start creating. I mean, I know my Jonny is gifted. Duh. He is truly a Renaissance man, but this... This is awesome! I had no idea. I'm watching him and I see all these projects in my mind's eye: He could build the kids a playground! He could build us a patio with a fire-pit! He could build us another house!

It is so incredible to be able to walk out our back door! This is the third house we have lived in together that had a back door that we couldn't use. It's the weirdest feeling, just opening up that door and stepping through it... I feel like I am suddenly able to walk through walls. I feel like I am stepping through a wardrobe into Narnia. God, I am such a geek!

Friends, this deck is humongous. You could see it from space. Seriously. I tease him. I say, "Why stop there? Why not keep going and deck the whole yard? The whole street? The whole neighborhood?"

He is a man obsessed. I tease him about that too:

me: Have you heard that new Hoobastank song on the radio?
Jonathan: (all distracted,
barely glancing up from his latest sketch of our back yard)

What? Um, no, I don't think so.
me: Oh, that's right! It's not about your deck...

Seriously, Boy, all teasing aside, I am very, very impressed. What are you gonna build for me next?

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Anonymous said...

That looks amazing. Way to go Jonathon!