18 July 2006

Oh My Goddddd

I just heard some crazy, crazy news from one of my closest friends...

So you know what that means. Yes, it's time for yet another shout out:

Congratulations to you!
Congratulations to you!
Congratulations, dear Lesley!
Congratulations to you!

I still think you are insane, but I am also very, very happy for you. And Peter. And Patrick and Lily.

I'm going to pop open a Sam Adams, at 12:45 in the afternoon (why not--both babies are napping!) and toast you:

May you not have such bad, bad morning sickness this time that you need to be hospitalized! May you have a healthy happy baby. May Lily be an excellent walker by March 6 so you don't need to borrow my cumbersome double stroller. May you come up with a truly kick-ass L or P name. And (most importantly) may you lose all of the baby weight yet again... Here's to you, Mrs. Jones, you wacky, wonderful girl. Better you than me!

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