09 August 2006


I realize I haven't posted anything other than lists in a while. Did I mention I have two babies? Is that excuse getting old? Is Blue really still a baby?

I can't believe she will be two in less than two weeks. I can't believe I didn't even mention Lion Man's baptism. It went very, very smoothly.

Things I will remember about the day:
  • how incredibly well Lion and Blue behaved
  • Blue saying Lion's name over and over and pointing while the minister introduced the Lion to the congregation
  • how cute Lion looked, with his little round apple face, while the minister held him
  • Blue wearing the gold cross my Grandma sent to her for her baptism
  • the insane amount of leftover pasta salad Jonathan and I tried to eat all week after the baptism
And so, another list! I will try to sneak in here to write something more substantial tomorrow. It's funny. I was asking Jonathan, "Why on earth would anyone want to read about the lame details of my day?" And he said, "Because it's just like watching reality television." Hmmm, yeah, except I am not incredibly hot or willing to commit random acts of fearlessness or eat anything disgusting. Blue did eat a bug today while in her sandbox, though.

And now for some cuteness:

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