15 August 2006


My niece, Emily, has been staying over a lot this month, helping me out with the babies before she goes back to school. She is 11. Man, is she funny!

She is wonderful with the children--just loves feeding the Lion and changing diapers. She also watches a lot of TV. All those reality shows--like Little People, Big World and 10 Years Younger. But her favorite, favorite show is The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel. I was in the guest room while she was getting into bed last night, and there was a little picture of either Zack or Cody (whichever one is Cole Sprouse) in a frame by the bed! So I am learning a lot about Cole Sprouse while she is here. His favorite color, for example, is blue.

This reminds me of my crush on Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.

Here's a good one--the other morning, I was in here, on the computer, and Emily came rushing in, saying, "Aunt Erin, did you know Alicia Keyes has AIDS?" I was like, "Oh my God! Where did you hear that?" And she told me, "It was just on the bottom of the TV screen. It said Alicia Keyes fights AIDS!"


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!


Amy said...

The whole picture-by-the-bed thing totally reminds me of you in middle school. Jonathan from NKOTB anyone?

Anonymous said...

Showing my age - who's Alicia Keyes?

Aunt D

girlysmack said...

Amy--I am verrrrry impressed that you remembered which Kid I liked the best!

and Aunt D--Alicia Keyes is a young, beautiful R&B singer-songwriter who is, apparently, raising money to fight AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Cody is Cole Sprouse. Haven't you seen her scrapbook???