01 October 2006

"Mmm, cimmanin"

I am so so excited that McSteamy is back on "Grey's Anatomy" I cannot even begin to tell you... I think I am a little obsessed with this show. I accidentally called Bobby Flay "Bobby McFlay" when I was talking to Jonathan the other morning...

Of course, I watched the show with my friend, Olivia, and I had a few beers. And I got hammered. And I got sick. Damn. Because some idiot had the brilliant idea that I should eat this chocolate Olivia brought. At 1 am. Gourmet chocolate, let me add. Gourmet chocolate with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. On any other occasion I'm sure I really would have enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it Thursday night. Then I threw up an hour later. Blech. I am such an idiot. This, friends, is why I rarely drink.

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