10 October 2006

Tired and Busy

My poor hands. My poor, poor hands.

I have been so busy lately. We have been clearing out our yard--on nice days. We have put down topsoil, grass seed, mulch and peat moss. We've planted 2 crabapple trees, 10 azaleas, 7 rose bushes and 4 holly trees. Man, we have a humongous yard...

On crummy days I have been busy indoors. Jonathan and I built built-in bookcases in the office, and so we have been busy spackling and sanding and washing and priming them. They look awesome and I cannot, cannot wait to finally unbox my books. I have also been refinishing Lion's dresser and night-stand. And the guest room night-stand and dresser.

The scary news is that Jonathan's grandparents are coming to visit next Tuesday (that's in 7 days) and so now I am racing like a madwoman to finish all of these projects so the house will look beautiful when they arrive.

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