11 October 2006

Little Lion Man

I can't believe the Lion is almost 8 months old! He has grown so quickly. I feel like time is passing much faster than when Blue was a baby. Probably because I am so much busier this time! When Blue was little I would read while she was napping... Sigh. Now if I can ever manage to get them to synchronize their naps, I always have something to do and I never ever get to sit down with a book. Or take a bubble bath. I still have tons of bubble bath that Jonathan gave me for Christmas, unopened and collecting dust on the edge of my tub.

But, anyway, about Lion. He is such a doll. He really is the happiest baby. Blue was always so serious.  Lion is almost always smiling and laughing. I could never get Blue to laugh when she was this little. Jonathan could, but he had to tickle her a lot. That made me so jealous! I would tickle her and tickle her and make all sorts of faces--and nothing. Lion will laugh if you so much as smile at him.

He is still not crawling yet. But he just got a second tooth yesterday! The crawling thing doesn't bother me, but I notice Jonathan trying to help the Lion along whenever he gets the chance. I guess it's strange to him because Blue is the only other baby we know much about, and she was crawling at 6 months. But I keep telling him all babies are different. And I notice that I am different this time around, too. With Blue, I was always so eager to see her at the next stage--to see her crawl, to hear her talk, to watch her take her first steps... And I am eager for those milestones with the Lion, too, but this time around I know how fast it all goes by, and I am trying to savor his babyhood as much as I can. So I don't mind if he doesn't crawl for a while yet. For now I just love holding him in my arms.

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