13 October 2006

The Morning After

Blue looked like a bad-ass rock star this morning. Her room was trashed... toys and books had been thrown everywhere! Then she came staggering to the door:with her jammies unzipped all the way down and gaping open like some hideous catsuit Freddie Mercury might wear!

Alright, alright, for those of you who don't get that joke, here's a little snapshot of the late great Freddie Mercury.

And now for a little funny story... I bought my niece, Emily, a fish this summer. She decided to name him Freddy. Apparently, my whole family are latent Queen fans because every time she told one of us her fish's name, we said, "Freddy? Like Freddie Mercury?" And Emily would say, "No. Like Freddy the fish."

1 comment:

Lesley Jones said...

I am on the floor laughing over this post... tears streaming... oh geez. Love ya!