22 October 2006

More Milestones

I feel like I should be earning merit badges for some of these major milestones. I have survived Blue's colic, Blue's first wasp sting, Blue falling down the stairs head-first, Lion's colic, Blue's first splinter, and now, the latest, my first nasal extraction.

Blue shoved a loooong strand of tinsel up her nose. I know it's not Christmas. Little girl's toys sometimes have tinsel on them--little tiaras, little magic wands, God only knows where this particular strand came from, but it wound up crammed up inside my daughter's nostril.

I never realised how very useful tweezers are until this past year. Tweezers. They're not just for plucking eyebrows.

And now for another, much more significant first: tonight is the first night Blue is sleeping in a real Big Girl Bed. We decided to ditch the crib mattress-on-the-floor she had been sleeping on because, well, she wasn't. Sleeping on it, that is. For some reason, she was sleeping on the floor right beside the mattress instead. It was a little pathetic. So I'm wondering if being on a much more substantial twin-sized mattress on top of a box spring with a plushy comforter will entice her a little more. We'll see. She's still running around up there (it's 11:30) so we'll see where she chooses to pass out tonight.

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Anonymous said...

When did she fall down the stairs head first???????