21 February 2007

bad bad bad to do

As I am busy happily decorating Lion's (fabulous) birthday cake, Blue ran by with an orange crayon, saying, "Scuse me, Mommy! Scuse me!"

"Hold it!" I yelled, just as she was about to write on the kitchen wall with said orange crayon. "What are you doing?"

She froze, then led me into the dining/play room to show me this:

That's the before picture. Here's the after:

As she wiped the crayon off the wall she sang,

badbad badbad to do
badbad badbad to do
Bluebird is messy
badbad badbad to do

to the tune of "Happy Birthday."


Anonymous said...

So adorable! And artistic!


Anonymous said...

That really is too cute


Me said...

Sadie, you are crazy baby!!!

Anonymous said...

What, you didn't frame her artwork? I wish I could have heard her singing.

Aunt D