21 February 2007

The Lion's first cake

I am ridiculously proud of this cake I made for the Lion's birthday! Can you see how much time I spent, coming up with the concept and dyeing the coconut--and oh, yeah, those little bananas are Runts and the tiny coconuts are Raisinettes.

And this picture cracks me up. My dad came over today to bring the Lion his presents--and I think they look like twins here:

Anyway, people, I don't have time for all of this photographing and writing and nonsense. I have a house to clean, streamers to hang, balloons to blow up--and, oh, yes, it's all for you, Little Lion Man. Happy Birthday to you!


Me said...

The cake is lovely and you should be ridiculously proud of it.
That's WHY i want to have kids so they can be awed by my super creative skills.
Hope you have a fantastic year ahead :)

Texas Biscuit said...

Your cake turned out beautifully - how creative! Hope you and he both had a fabulous birthday!

Anonymous said...

What a great cake. You are following your mother's footsteps - she always made special cakes for you guys.

Aunt D