08 March 2007

new shoes

I am a girly girl. Just wanted to make that very clear before I admit 2 things:

1. I never brush my hair.

It's true. I wash it and condition it and then, I'm outta there. No time for brushing. I am far too busy and important.

2. My husband has more pairs of shoes than I do.

I have two. These:
and these:

that I wear on special occasions.

The problem is I can never find shoes that fit. My feet are sort of triangular-shaped. They are wide across the toes and then very narrow at the heel. So it is a real problem finding shoes that are comfortable and I get lots of foot cramps, blahblahblah.

I think I used to have more shoes than Jonathan, but my feet got bigger when I was pregnant and they never went back to their original size. I had heard of this happening, but I didn't really believe it. Why should your feet get longer when you're pregnant? Makes no sense. Makes no sense, but I am living proof. I now have size nines where my size sevens used to be.

Anyway, I went shopping for shoes tonight. I need something more comfortable than my beat-up old Converse to wear in London. Plus, I refuse to be mistaken for some clunky German woman again. I am going to look very posh on this vacation. I am even packing a comb.

So after several hours of wandering around DSW and cussing under my breath about my stupid Hobbit feet, I found some awesome, awesome shoes. I may give up my old Converse forever. These shoes are so freakin' comfortable:
I am so excited! I wore them all through the store, and I told all the other women shopping in there how comfortable they are. It feels like they are hugging my poor, weird feet. I wore them home. I am wearing them now. I may sleep in them.

I was on such a high, I even bought a second pair of shoes. And they have high heels. Which Jonathan (being 6'4") is thrilled about.

So, watch out, London, here I come!


Me said...

I do like comfortable shoes, shoes 'that hug your feet' (I love how you put it).
What does the other shoe look like?
I am a complete, complete shoe fiend. I will even wear an uncomfortable 'makes my feet bleed' shoe just because it looks good on me.
I am a carrie bradshaw wannabe, that's what i am.
so post pic of high heels shoe.
JOnathan is 6'4''. oh gosh!

girlysmack said...

The high heels are wedges. If I can find a picture I'll post it. I hope wedges are still in style. I always seem to be buying things after they fall out of fashion, somehow.