08 March 2007

my little stripper

Blue is obsessed with trying to take her clothes off. The other day she got very angry about something and she yelled,
"I a bad girl!"
and then, in some weird, New Jersey/Italian accent:
"I take-a my shirt off!"

Today, we were in line at (where else?) Wal-Mart and she started talking to the woman in line ahead of us. The lady turned around and asked, "Are you talking to me, sweetie?"

Blue said to her, "Yeah. Take your shirt off!"


Me said...

no. no.
*snort*. stop please...

Anonymous said...

haha that is so silly, I wish I could have been there for that. I cannot wait until Shannon's baby starts to say silly things like that. Thanks for the post it brightened up my day.


Anonymous said...

New Jersey/Italian accents are NOT weird!!!!


Amy said...

She is so funny! You know that she gets the accents from you. I can see her in a few years adopting an accent and inventing a false persona...Do you remember doing that?

girlysmack said...

Oh, God, Amy, yeah. My friend, Olivia, was like, "You're going to totally have a false accent once you arrive in London just like Madonna, aren't you?"

My poor Mom. I remember walking a little behind her in the mall, clutching her purse strap, pretending I was blind. My Mom kept pulling on her purse, telling me to let go. I'm sure people thought she was very cruel--because, you know, I was such a convincing actress!