27 March 2007

crown jewels

Jonathan buys me one little piece of jewelry every time we travel somewhere. Which has only been a handful of places, but once we live in Europe, I am going to need a nice big jewelry box! Nothing crazy expensive, thank God, or it would be quite a greedy little hobby. But he got me a sweet little Venetian glass bracelet in the Piazza Navona in Rome and a turquoise pendant in Nassau when we were on the cruise. Hmmm. I just realized he owes me a trinket from Germany. Guess we need to return there someday, honey, so you can take care of that.

I think I already know what I want to find for my memento on this trip. I have a charm bracelet and I saw this charm online:

It is the Tower of London and it opens up to reveal some poor little person kneeling on the chopping block. How adorable is that?

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Anonymous said...

I think that charm is gruesome.