28 March 2007

trippy music

I switched out all of the CDs in the car so that they are all English. To get us psyched for our impending trip. As if we need to be any more psyched!

It just hit me that we will be in that car in just 8 days, listening to that music and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!

Some of the CDs are: lots of Blur, lots of Oasis, Pulp, the Beatles, Jamiroqui, Eric Clapton, Squeeze, Travis, Queen, Elton John, Badfinger, the Trainspotting soundtrack, the Sliding Doors soundtrack, Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, etc. (Haha--can you tell those last 3 are my CDs?) So I have been listening to Sliding Doors a lot lately as I drive around. And watching the movie. And Love Actually. And Bridget Jones. Have I mentioned I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!


Olivia said...

Ummm...Erin, this sounds like a normal day for you. I don't think that you need the trip to England as an excuse. ;-)

girlysmack said...

hahaha I know, right? I am such a dork.