24 April 2007

home sweet home

I am slowly settling back into my routine here at home. It is so wonderful being with Blue and Lion again. I can't stop kissing them.

The babies had a great time while we were away. Jonathan's mother took excellent care of them, and the rest of the family came by often to visit and play with the babies. But I think they are very happy to have Mommy and Daddy back.

Blue was stuttering pretty badly when we first returned, but it has gotten much better over the past week.

And Lion, my Lion cub, is walking! He walked all the way across the room the day before Jonathan and I returned. Both of our moms were here to witness it, although they both confess they were talking and paying no attention to him whatsoever at the time.

He has been walking all over the place ever since, practicing. He still looks a bit like Frankenstein, I think-- arms up and out in front of him, and not moving his hips--but he is trying so hard, bless him. Sometimes he purses his lips like a fish, he is concentrating so hard. This determination reminds me so much of Jonathan!

It is amazing to me that our trip is now behind us. We waited, counting days for over a year, and now it is over. It's sad. Now we have to think really hard about what our plans are for the future. What Jonathan wants to do career-wise. What is best for the children. What we really want out of life. Do we want to live here in this huge house with a large yard and lots of pretty things? Or do we want to trade it in for a more compact space, less material things and be able to travel more?


Anonymous said...

OMG, am I getting an inkling that you will stay here in the USA??!! I love your house, but you know I think that you would adore an old place that you could paint and fix up to your hearts content....


Andrea said...

i have missed your blog so much!!! it's a sweet indulgence in my crazy hectic life. i missed you. you know you have my complete support in whatever you decide. just keep us informed...i'm an addict.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I'm with your Mom, your house is great, but I can see you in an older home. Jonathan is such a great handyman, I think he would have fun fixing things. Your great decorating talents can make anything cute, homey and comfortable. You have to keep the big backyard, though.

Aunt D

Olivia said...

I am with Andrea, I did miss your blogs while you were away. I am glad that you both have returned home safely. I have to say that the selfish parts of me have two things to say:
1. If you stay here I will get to see you often and DWAFS will be just as it should be....with you in it.

2. If you go then I have someone to stay with when I come over to find my Scottish/English/Irish husband.

So, either way the selfish parts of me win!! Yay me! ;)
Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to start a dialogue on the move to England! To me there will be no benefit whatsoever, just a big loss but you know that Erin. As I see those amazing and glorious grandchildren evolve and become more adorable by the day, my heart is breaking that I won't be part of their lives in a day to day fashion....so if you and Jonathan would just leave them behind, you could move to Timbuktu with my blessing!