24 April 2007

seeing double

My poor Blue. My poor confused girl.

We went over to my brother and sister-in-law's last night to hang out and eat carnitas. It was really fun, very mellow. Just me and Jonny and George and Leila and Leila's twin sister, Karen, and her husband, Jack. And all of our offspring.

Leila and Karen are identical twins. It's something I never even think about, since Leila and Karen have been part of my family for so long. And, really, to me they look less and less alike the longer I know them.

Anyway, Blue sees Karen and Jack all the time. I think. At least, we see them every couple of months, I think.

Anyway. So we were there last night and had a nice time and today, I'm washing dishes and Blue is sitting at the kitchen island, coloring and talking to herself:

George and Layda. Emmy. George and Emmy and Willum. George. Two Laydas. Lots of Laydas.

And it hits me. I don't think we've ever really explained to Blue that Leila and Karen are identical twins. Does she think she has two Aunt Leilas?



Anonymous said...

That is soooo cute!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! In the beginning I thought, How am I ever going to be able to tell them apart? Now I don't even see them as twins.

Aunt D

Me said...

Awww...so cute!