07 July 2007


We have new neighbors! An older German couple. I haven't met him yet, but I met her yesterday and she seems very sweet. She is very trim, was wearing crisp white capri pants, and has a sleek Anne Bancroft bob. I am always thinking, upon meeting or even just observing women like that: I want to be like that when I'm older. Like my stepmother, Judi. She is very fit (makes smart food choices, walks a lot) and dresses very stylishly. But I am starting to believe it is impossible for me to turn into a woman like that. Poof! Why should I become an older stylish trim woman when I am not a younger stylish healthy woman?

This realization sucks.

I think I will be more like Ouiser from "Steel Magnolias" with goofy mismatched clothes and my Converse sneakers. Only fatter. She types while scarfing a chunk of pound cake for breakfast.


Tonight should be fun. Olivia and Katherine are coming over and we're going to have a cookout and then toast marshmallows around the firepit. It has been so freakin' hot here, that our fourth of July cookout was indoors. England with its cool summers looks better and better to me...

I think I hear the Lion stirring... He's so cute. He wore his little Manchester United uniform to Lowe's yesterday. He looked adorable! I told Jonathan that Lion should dress up as David Beckham for Halloween. I just need to find little knee socks. I asked Jonathan, "Should we put a headband on him, or do you think no one would get it?" I don't think people around here would get it. Oh, well... Maybe they'll think he's supposed to be Mia Hamm or something...

That reminds me, on the way home from Lowe's, Blue was talking to herself in the backseat:

Blue: Daddy is so mean!
Blue: No, he not mean! Daddy nice.
Blue: Oh.
Blue: Daddy's a boy. Like you.
Blue: Like me?
Blue: Like you.
Blue: Ohhhhh.

Jonathan looked at me and whispered, "Schizo." Even the Lion was staring over at her, with this look on his fat little face like What the hell...?
She also keeps doing this little imitation of me that Jonathan thinks is absolutely hilarious. On the way to New Jersey last week, I freaked out a bit in classic Erin style because I thought the car beside us was cutting into our lane. I gasped and then I said, "Sorry!" because I had scared the hell out of Jonathan. So for a solid week now Blue has been mimicking me. She lets out a very loud, very theatrical gasp and then she mutters "Sorry." Jonathan cracks up every time.

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Steppie said...

Thanks for the compliment Erin! It all came from my Mom and Dad. They passed on great genes and habits. Mom did exercises with us at home and because of Dads hypertension she only served fresh, low salt foods. Dad saw to our outdoor exercise by giving us weeding chores,lawn mowing and car washing jobs. Sounds sooo.. old fashion today! But it works and no gym fees!