23 July 2007

brand new for your enjoyment...

Another friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous, has a blog. It's contagious, people. And humbling. Because, yet again, this blog is way funnier than mine. Check it out.

My own mother is reading Olivia's blog, and then telling me how hilarious she is. Yeah, um, I know. She's my friend. Mine. And now, another friend, She Who Must Not Be Named, has a blog. Sigh. I wonder if my mom will bother to read mine anymore. I'll have to post more pictures of the toddlers to keep her comin' back for more.

(I have decided to just go ahead and call them the "toodlers" since I freakin' type it that way every time anyway.)

New addition number two (and certainly no less important!): My dear friends, Flanna and Jeremy have a new baby! Hold on, let me grab the (beautiful) birth announcement so I get this right...

Zephyrin Oliver Birch Smith
July 15, 2007
8 pounds, 14 ounces
22 inches

I am so freakin' excited for them, I can't stand it. This is Flanna's second son, but Jeremy's first. And I am so thrilled. So thrilled. Flanna is an amazingly cool mom and Jeremy has been so amazing with Jasper that I have been secretly wishing a baby on them ever since their wedding. And, lo and behold, it has come to pass. Watch out, Roxanna. I am also secretly wishing a baby on you and Tim as well. Bwahahaaaaa! (When you both are good and ready blahblahblah, obviously...)

Anyway, I have known Jeremy for a looong time now (seven years?) and have always thought he would make a great father. And seeing him with Jasper confirmed this. So, congratulations, Jeremy and Flanna! Congratulations, Jasper! And most of all, congratulations, Zephyrin! You belong to one kick-ass family!


Dark Fury said...

You make me laugh! However, we may have to have an intervention for you to take care of your low blogging self esteem. Say it with me - - - I'm funny! People like to read about my life! I'm funny, Funny, FUNNY!!!! That's your new mantra.

Anonymous said...

So, where are the pictures of the toddlers???!!


Anonymous said...

Who needs pictures of toddlers when you can see a nice picture of Beck's tramp stamp?

Oh yeah, and that thing about the vagina sauce! Now THAT'S gold.


Roxanna said...

haha thanks for the warning Erin... I will have to band Tim from reading your blog now, he has been on the baby kick for sometime haha.