23 July 2007

in a nutshell

Allow me to sum up the past week since I neglected to blog:

Jonathan and I joined a gym. Olivia came over, bringing Thai food and we watched Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. Verdict is still out on the show. Not enough David.

Jonny and I took the kids (and their cousin, Emily) down to Richmond to meet with a home inspector and examine the house we were interested in buying. Key word is "were." House needed a loooot of work, so we passed.

Jonny and I took a yoga class together at the gym. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Still sore though.

The Lion cried.

Jonny and I returned to Richmond with Lion while Emily stayed here with Blue. We put an offer on a second house. The Lion cried.

The Lion had a fever in the morning and then slept for most of the afternoon. House was blissfully quiet. I spent the entire day prone on the couch with my nose buried in the new Harry Potter book. Cannot believe the series is over.

Yardwork. The Lion cried.

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Andrea said...

i've been in europe. just checked your blog. richmond????