21 August 2007

could you keep it down out there?

I am sick. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I thought I have a sinus infection because the pressure in my head is killing me and it is not lessened whatsoever by any of the medications I have tried.

But I guess in order to have a sinus infection, you have to feel this way for over a week. I am suffering from allergies. Which makes me sound like a wuss, I think. Who feels this bad from just allergies? I feel like I have yellow fever or something.

And how on earth am I going to manage the toodlers today without speaking or moving my head?

Sometimes I wish there was a number you could call, like 1-800-Rent-a-Mommy or something. So I could lay in bed with a hot wash cloth over my eyes and she could play with the toodlers and make me something to eat. "Bitch, make me a sandwich!" (I am very crabby when I don't feel well.)

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