20 August 2007

"party party party"

It's over. The social event of the season.

Now it is 8 am and I am sitting at the table with Lion. He is not feeling well. So I have decided that leftover jello salad is the perfect breakfast. I know because I am not feeling well either, and I had a few spoonfuls. It is nice and cold and just slides right down your sore throat. Nice.

The weather was nice and cool this weekend. So of course we had our windows open on Saturday and through the night so the Lion and I are suffering from horrible allergies. Which did not help my mood on Party Day. I was a bit manic yesterday morning, at one point yelling at Blue to go and play or something, because we are getting ready for your party! The irony was not lost on me.

But we had a very nice turnout. And Blue received some really clever gifts. Probably my favorite gift, and a wonderful idea for a birthday party present, was a pop-up Dora hamper/toybox thing from my brother Chris and his wife Brenda, because we just popped that sucker open and threw all of her gifts into as we opened them. Brilliant!

I think all of the children had a good time. My friend, Sweet Elisa, brought a pinata. And I recruited her early on to do some face painting. And she did such an excellent job, I have to say. More like henna designs than the usual stars or balloons. She did admit she was kind of steering the kids towards easy designs. She'd say, "How about a butterfly? Or a flower?" So it was pretty hilarious when Amy's little girl, Maggie, came over to Elisa for her third design, held out her teeny little arm and said, "I'd like a white tiger."

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