09 September 2007

early morning throw-down

First, I want to send a grateful shout-out to all of the wonderful, wonderfully supportive comments I received about the Note. I have cooled down a bit, and am just holding my breath that everything goes smoothly at school this week. There is a parent teacher night this week, so I may just have to go to that and discuss this issue with the teacher. Ugh.

Second, I want to thank my dear boy, Lion, who woke me up today at 7 am even though it is a Sunday morning. We came downstairs so I could make myself a cup of coffee and get him some breakfast and then had a huge fight over the crayons. He wanted to color all of his books, and I wanted him to only color in his coloring books. Some words were exchanged and a struggle ensued. I finally wrestled the stump of a black (of course) crayon from his hand and he screamed. And screamed. Somehow Jonathan and Blue slept through all of this.

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Amy said...

It seems that we are in the Era of Screaming as well. Fun, fun, fun.