12 September 2007

one day left until

the Grey's Anatomy season premiere!

I am so excited! I feel like a have a blind date tomorrow night or something. I am very nervous that the show has jumped the shark.

I am going to miss the character of Preston Burke. He may have been a complete asshole in real life, but I really liked his character and the relationship between him and Yang. And I am also really going to miss Dr. Montgomery, too, and I have a feeling her spin-off show is going to bomb. I wasn't very impressed with its intro last spring. But we'll see... Maybe all of these new interns swarming around will liven things up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

One positive note: it appears they have finally figured out how to style George O'Malley's hair after three seasons of various crappy hairdos.

I also would like to add that my husband enjoys this show almost as much as I do, and I just found the perfect t-shirt for him:


Dark Fury said...

I just checked ABC.com and it says 9/27/07. Where did you hear/see tomorrow? I want you to be right and ABC.com to be wrong. Make it so!

Retainer Girl said...

I lurve that shirt for J! You must buy it! And I agree; I will miss Dr. Burke. I'm anxious to see how they handled all the story lines since everything basically exploded in the season finale. I wasn't impressed with the spin-off show either, but I will watch it for Tim Daly. HOT!

Roxanna said...

I am right there with you I love this show...doesn't like it when I watch it b/c he thinks I cry every time it comes on haha I love it and I cannot wait. Maybe we should all get together to watch it. : )

Olivia said...

We should all TOTALLY get together to watch it! Erin, can we invite ourselves and others?! :)