30 October 2007

ancient girlysmack texts unearthed

I took it upon myself to clean the basement while Jonathan was out of town. I know, I know I said I didn't have time to write last week but I managed to find time to completely clean out my basement? Suck it.

Anyway, it looks awesome down there. I never realized how huge our basement is!

But the important discovery I made? I found an old diary of mine. My friend, Christina, who I have mentioned many times and who I am still friends with after seventeen years, gave this diary to me for my 10th birthday. I wrote in it intermittently throughout the next several years.

People, this diary is priceless. Jonathan was reading aloud to me from it Saturday night in bed and we were rolling. I mean, we were actually in silent-laughter mode. There were tears shed.

So I will be posting some of the highlights from my diary. Brace yourselves. Brace. Your. Selves.

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