30 October 2007


One reason I didn't post last week was because Jonny was out of town. He and Andy drove up to New York early Tuesday morning and hung out in the city all week. He finally came back home Saturday night after dropping Andy off at the airport.

I missed him terribly. Not only was I way too busy taking care of the toodlers all week without any breaks to blog but I was so tired after they went to bed! And I didn't want to say anything about Jonathan being out of town because I didn't want all those psycho internet predators out there to know I was home alone. I watch all those scary shows on A&E. I know how it is.

There really isn't anything on tv after dark (especially the week before Halloween) that isn't designed to scare the shit out of me. I decided Tuesday night that I wouldn't watch anything like SVU or CSI or Cold Case Files. So I stupidly put on the news. The evening news, people, is way scarier than anything any television show could come up with. Seriously.

Last week, I learned, some man crept into a house in Manassas through an unlocked window and into bed with a 10 year old girl. He escaped after raping her while her parents were down the hall sleeping and no one has any clue who this monster is because he had a ski mask over his face.

I set our alarm and lay in bed each night for hours listening to my pounding heart, sitting upright every time I heard a noise.

That's right.

I am woman. Hear me roar.

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