31 January 2008


I haven't wanted to blog lately. I didn't want to bump my puppy's picture because I just loved staring at it so much. So it is now over there in my sidebar for ever and ever amen. Hi, puppy! Hi! How're things in the sidebar?

Lost returns tonight. Olivia and Katherine are coming over to watch it with us and we have enforced a No Talking Rule. I think I will probably have the hardest time adhering to this rule. Don't get me wrong. Jonathan and I have been watching Lost since the very first episode. But my interest has waned a little bit with each passing season. I don't know. I guess I just got a little weary of no one answering anyone's questions on that island. Wouldn't all that mystery get old? Why the hell is Locke acting so weird? And why is no one demanding an explanation for why he is acting so weird?

Hopefully something will be explained tonight or I will be seriously pissed.

I'm deluding myself, aren't I? I know that nothing will be explained. And that I will dutifully tune in next week, no matter how "seriously pissed" I may claim to be.


patherine said...

I'm excited about tonight!

Also, Olivia said you have more pictures of the puppy. You should put them up on your blog!

Olivia said...

Yipeeeeee!!!! YAY FOR LOST!!

Jenn M said...

I'm a lost lover as well!!!! I watched it Thursday. I've decided that the title of the show is "lost" because your lost the entire time and have no idea what is going on!!!!!!!