29 February 2008

this one's for Adrienne:

Adrienne's room doesn't have much color. Adrienne herself doesn't have much color. (Haha!) So the room is just white, black and red with a few punches of lime green. Short on color, long on style.

We'll start with this awesome area rug:
and then add a bright red sofa:

with some fabulous throw pillows:

these silk drapes look like pewter;
I think they are so beautiful:

an elegant coffee table:

some shiny end tables:
just in case your cell isn't charged:
add a pair of these:

and this to hold some of your books:
this lime green fainting couch,
in case you feel faint:

we could hang this little lady over it
just because she looks like you:

I just think these are cool,
(no pun intended)
hopefully your place has ac:

prop this against the wall to reflect the light:

I'd frame some rat pack albums and group them on the wall:

we'll stick some of these over against the wall,
you can never have enough seating:

Anyway, that's the beginning. I don't know about you, Adrienne, but I am totally digging this room, so I'll probably edit it a lot.


Dark Fury said...

OK. You need to be a decorator. That's all.


One more thing! That is the perfect living room!

Anonymous said...

I love the rooms your have designed! Please, oh please, design a room for me :)

You pick the room and all of the decor that most (in your mind)reflects me. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

At this point I am so sick of looking at metal chairs and desert cammies that I'll probably go in to shock when I get home!


Anonymous said...

OMG! This one is fabulous too!


Olivia said...


girlysmack said...

I am working on one for you, Leila, and Olivia you're on deck. (That means "you're next" I think...)