29 February 2008

a kitchen for Leila

Leila asked me to do a dream room for her. And of course I am designing a kitchen. I briefly toyed with a living room but I think Leila and I think cooking.

The perfect kitchen for Leila would be a very large open space with lots of windows and natural light. I am going with a Scandinavian sort of concept, since she is part Finnish, but I also think that style suits her. Very clean lines, no-nonsense, functional rooms. Perfect for a kitchen.

So this dream kitchen... A large, open space with lots of windows.

White cabinets, wood counters and a warm cream on the walls. This kitchen is a nice start. I don't like all the black in this picture, though. Not for Leila's kitchen. So just try to ignore all the black. And picture the walls a rich cream. Maybe even beadboard:
I like these knobs for the cabinets:
wide-plank wood floors:

a blue glass tile backsplash:this would be the focal point:
these lights would hang over a massive island:

with 2 or three of these stools to sit on and watch Leila cook:
this striped fabric would make nice, tailored curtains:
an old, scarred farm table:

these crisp white chairs:
with mismatched blue fabrics on the seats:

this sleek chandelier would hang over the table:
and this rug would go under it:
he would hang on the wall:
I would hang this cute print up, too, to remind Leila of her Mom's fabulous homemade bread:
not sure if Leila has this in blue, but she would have one in this kitchen:
and a ton of copper pots hanging from a pot rack:
a huge, rustic wine rack:

and a row of fresh herbs in the window over the sink:
So there it is. Not too flashy, but I think it would suit Leila just fine. What do you think, Leila?


Anonymous said...

It's perfect! The cnandelier! And those fabrics! Unfortunately you'll never convince Leila to paint wood....


Retainer Girl said...

OMG. I don't even know Leila that way and I can see her in that kitchen. It's gorgeous! I can see myself in that kitchen too...and I don't even cook. I love the fabric for the chairs and the door knobs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much, I am totally choked up right now because it wasn't until this very moment that I realised how much I miss cooking and cooking for the people I love.
The copper pots and pans are exquisite. Actually the whole room is.

You made my day, thank you so very much.

I love you,

girlysmack said...

I can't wait to see you, Leila. I had no idea how badly I would miss you. I love you, too!

Retainer Girl said...

I meant "I don't know Leila that well." Not way.

Dang it.

Roxanna said...

Erin.... I would really like a big bathroom with a big tub. I mean if you get time. After reviewing all of your work I just think you are wonderful. : )