21 March 2008

hopefully worth the wait

At long last, I have started a bedroom for Olivia. (Reverse psychology is the bomb, Olivia!)

I want it to be very relaxing and pretty because she works so hard on her feet all day, caring for other people (she is a masseuse) and I want a space where she can relax and feel pampered.

The walls would be a very muted soft blue-grey. Like the color of a foggy sky. The floor would be hardwood. This huge rug would cover most of the floor, so the room would not be cold or echoey:

These striped silk drapes would cover the windows. There would be a filmy undercurtain to let in the sunlight during the day, but these could be closed to darken the room to take long restorative naps:
These capiz chandeliers are a little common, but I think they're pretty:
This rattan headboard adds some natural texture:

Flanked by two sparkly little tables:
With these fun rock lamps on top:
The bedding would be a plain, ubersoft light blue quilt:
With lots of white bedpillows and this pretty champagne-colored throw pillow:

A nice heavy dresser to add some weight to the space:

With some little mirrored lamps on it, to pick up the finish on the bedside tables:

and this robin's egg vase stuffed with white tulips:
And a gorgeous, cushy chaise lounge, with a soft throw blanket and a large basket (full of paperback novels and fashion magazines) on the floor beside it:
But you have to watch out because Pickles and Frences like to lay there, too!


Retainer Girl said...

She's a "massage therapist."

Masseuses are . . . in a whole different line of employment. :D

Retainer Girl said...

It's gorgeous. I love the inclusion of Frances/Francis (depending on the sex) and Pickles!

Olivia said...

Oh Erin! Thank you so much!! I absolutely love it and I love that Francis and Pickles are there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(Reverse psychology rules!) :D

P.S for the right amount of money I might be a "masseuse." ;)

girlysmack said...

the definition of masseuse is "a woman who practices massage"

Retainer Girl said...

True, but it has a negative connotation of unsavory "extra" practices, which is why such professionals prefer the term "massage therapist."

We don't want people to think Olivia specializes in the "full release" kind of massage . . . although perhaps her schedule would fill up more rapidly!

Olivia said...


Retainer Girl said...

Well, your alter ego's name *is* Happy Endings, and Blonde Justice *is* abbreviated "BJ."

Just sayin'