20 March 2008

a kitchen for Adrienne

I have been picking out elements for a dream kitchen for Adrienne. (I know, Olivia. I know.)

I want it to be a great kitchen to really cook in. To get your hands dirty and maybe a daub of flour on your cheek. Lots of modern amenities with vintage cherry red cuteness thrown in.

Here is what I have so far:
I love this nice big sign for the wall:
I think I would do the walls a crisp white. Or I also like the idea of a pink. Hmmm. Might be a little more me than Adrienne. Not that I own the rights to the color pink or anything. But maybe a robin's egg blue or a soft green to complement the living room I designed for her. I'd let her choose the color. 'Cause that's the kind of designer I am, people!

Anyway, here are the fantastic lights to hang over a nice large butcher block island:
I would have white cabinets and this red tile backsplash with black grout. Looks like little cherries:
Little plain white cafe curtains:
I'm diggin' these chairs. Haven't finished the room yet, though, so these may be too much red. Pottery barn has some cool chairs that are very similar, but they're steel. It really depends what kind of table I choose. But. I am digging these chairs:
And there I ran out of steam. No floor. No table. No appliances. Not really much of a workable kitchen! But a starting point.


Olivia said...

It's cool. I have decided that by constantly asking you to design a lovely room for me, it only makes you not want to do it (because of the pressure). So now I am employing reverse psychology and saying that I don't want you to design a room for me. I will just design my own lovely room and you can continue designing for your current girl crush, Adrienne. :)

Retainer Girl said...

It's okay, Olivia. I think you're great.


Olivia said...

Is my reverse psychology working yet? ;)

Dark Fury said...

Pretty! I see a red Aga stove....le sigh...