19 April 2008

sleeping arrangements

Lion is no longer sleeping in a crib. A month or more ago we took his crib apart and put his little crib mattress on the floor in the corner of his room. He sleeps there. I look in in the night and he looks so little, over there in the corner. I cannot believe our days of the crib are over. I remember when I was pregnant with Blue, watching Jonathan put the crib together. How I would catch him sometimes, standing in the empty nursery, watching the mobile.

For the past couple of nights, we have tried putting Lion's mattress in the corner of Blue's room. But after a while, we wind up putting him back into his room, amid much weeping and clinging together. They really want to be together but Lion is still too young to settle down. Blue is fine. She lays in her bed and tells Lion to stay in his bed, but he jumps up and down on his mattress and runs around her room, exploring.

But still I keep trying. Because it is so beautiful to watch them play together. Because for so long they could not be in the same room without fighting! Because I never had anyone to share a room with growing up. And because I love listening to their little high-pitched voices having a conversation.

Maybe I'm crazy. Messing with a good thing, because they both sleep great in their own rooms...

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Retainer Girl said...

Why do you want them to share a room?