18 May 2008

the day with a truck in it

Yesterday was a very busy day.

We were fortunate enough to have access to Roxanna and Tim's pickup truck for the day. So we made good use of it! (Thanks, guys.)

Jonathan rented a huge woodchipper from the local hardware store so we could finally get rid of the barricade we were building in the backyard. Sorry. That was my attempt at a Les Mis joke. When you have the rare opportunity to make a Les Mis joke, you just take it.

Anyway, this woodpile was insanely big. Jonathan (with occasional help from me) had cleared a looooooot of our woods out. I knew this. But when you are out there picking up every discarded branch one at a time, you appreciate it on a completely physical level.

It took several hours to feed all the wood through the chipper. But it is finally gone and Blue and Lion's playground has lots of new mulch and the backyard looks so much better. And no one got seriously hurt.

I was supposed to go to a bridal shower for Elizabeth yesterday but we were just too busy with the woodchipper for me to go. I justified my absence by telling myself at least we will be here for the wedding in June (it's the weekend just before we leave) and I can just drop her shower gift off with their wedding present.

So after chipping up the wood and after Jonathan used the truck to haul the woodchipper back to the hardware store, I drove the truck up to Woodbridge to go to Ikea. Which was exhausting. I only had an hour to find what we wanted and to somehow load it onto a handcart by myself. Because Olivia was babysitting for us at 7 (thank you, Olivia!) so Jonny and I could go out on one of our last dates for probably a very long time, since we will know no one in Colorado and therefore have no babysitters.

So I raced through Ikea, pricing items and I chose
this bookcase for some of my books. Jonathan built me a beautiful wall of bookcases in our office so I didn't have any bookcases to bring with us.

I picked out this bed for Lion
He doesn't sleep in a crib anymore and I figured why not get him a bed at Ikea since it is so cheap (this bed is only $99) and we can just move it still in its box and put it together out there. FYI, there is no Ikea in the state of Colorado.

I also got him a chest of drawers
and a bookcase
which is a nice one because it can be vertical or horizontal.

So I wrote all these item numbers down and ran to the warehouse area to load my cart and was totally pissed off to discover no courteous male shoppers in all of Ikea willing to give me a hand. Not a single one. They all just watched me sweating and struggling by myself. Nice.

I was also pissed because the bed I had chosen was out of stock. I debated getting it in a different finish but then I realized the box the bed comes in is pretty compact and looks like I can cram it into my car so I can just go back to Ikea another day and actually take my time and really shop which is good since there is no Ikea in the state of Colorado.

I made it home and ran into the bathroom to change into clean clothes and by the time I came out, Olivia had arrived to babysit. Jonny had already fed the kids their dinner so we put them into bed, waved goodbye to Olivia and went to see Iron Man.

Seriously. Awesome. Movie.


Retainer Girl said...

I can speak from unfortunate experience that you are correct: no one helps you at Ikea. No one.

Dark Fury said...

No IKEA?! What heathens.

Kristen said...

We were very excited when Utah got it's first IKEA last year! (ours may even be the closest one to Colorado)
I knew people who would drive to other states to get things from IKEA. But I wouldn't go that far (as much as I love the place).

Good luck with your move! Having moved more than once between VA and UT (we keep migrating back and forth) - I sympathize with your task ahead.

jeremyandchristina said...

What a cool little room Jack is getting. :)

I keep forgetting to tell you that Melanie Brown lives in CO (it's Fraser, not Denver, but she's in CO).

Roxanna said...

Glad you guys had a good time with the truck

Anonymous said...

Erin, I really don't want my picture online.


Olivia said...

No prob! I love hanging with Sadie and Jack and am glad that you guys got to have a "date night." :D