19 May 2008

I should stay indoors and read

I think I was bitten by a snake on Saturday while I was helping Jonathan get rid of the woodpile in the backyard.

He thinks maybe I was bitten by a spider.

But what kind of spider leaves 2 holes exactly an inch apart? Wouldn't that mean I was bitten twice? And I only felt pain once.

I was such a dumbass. I deserved to be bitten by a snake. I was out there in ankle-deep wet leaves, picking my way deeper and deeper into the woodpile and what was I wearing? Flip-flops. Flip-flops and shorts. Yeah, that's right. I am hardcore.

So all of a sudden I felt this horrible pain and I picked up my right foot and my instep was all bloody. So if it was a snake, I didn't see it because I was freaked out by all the blood gushing out of my foot. I brushed some of the blood away to see if I had a nail sticking out of my foot or something but I didn't see anything but blood so I tried to shrug it off and keep working. Jonathan gets so torn up whenever he works outside and he never complains whereas I will stub my toe and burst into tears and go inside and put ice on it. I am a wimp. And a major complainer.

I tried not to complain Saturday, and was hoping Jonny was impressed by my fortitude because I was stoically collecting wood with blood all over my foot.

Yesterday the area was all red and swollen. I am still limping a bit.

I'm trying to take a picture of it but the pictures keep coming out blurry and I never realized how ugly my feet are! So I may or may not post one. But, the thing is, if these marks were on Jonathan's foot, it would totally be classified as a snake biting incident and there would be no discussion. Sigh.

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