07 May 2008

fun with fonts, if you're into that sort of thing

I love fonts. I totally do. I am such a geek. When I worked at this local stationery shop, the Write Touch, I was always so disappointed by how many people always chose the same fonts over and over again for their invitations and notecards. I mean, come on! Live a little, people. Express yourself.

Anyway, so I just took The Rather Difficult Font Game. And I did ridiculously well.

Also, this blog, I [heart] Papyrus is awesome. Sadly, Papyrus was one of the fonts people chose to use over and over again on their invitations and notecards. Sigh.


Retainer Girl said...


I am going to take the font test.

Retainer Girl said...

Screw that. I've never even heard of half of those fonts.

Erin, you're a geek.

And I mean that with love. :D

Dark Fury said...

I like "Georgia".