01 May 2008

yay me!

I just won $101.50 in free gas from our local radio station, B101.5!

I went to the mall with Kathy Davenport to grab some lunch and watch our kids play together in the little indoor play park there and these women from the radio were handing out scratch cards. I handed mine to Kathy while I was dealing with getting the kids' shoes off and letting the Lion out of the stroller and she scratched my card for me and was like, "You won!" And so I took the card and still was trying to keep an eye on the kids as they ran into the play park. "What did I win?" She wasn't sure either so I went back over to the ladies and it turns out I won a WaWa gift card for $101.50!

I know. Jonathan said the same thing. "No spending it all on coffee!"

They took a picture of me holding up my giftcard. I wonder if it will be posted on their website.


Dark Fury said...

Can you spend half on coffee? You know you will.

Olivia said...


Anonymous said...

That is so cool!


Roxanna said...

wow that is way cool

CindyLou said...

That's so awesome!

Dark Fury said...

So....ever going to blog again? Just wondering.