20 May 2008


I love shopping online. I call it shopping but I really rarely ever buy anything. So I guess what I mean to say is I love looking online.

Olivia and Katherine and Adrienne are always saying I should find someone to hire me to be their personal shopper. Sigh. Maybe I'll find some rich, lazy/housebound person in Denver to shop for...

Anyway, it seems to me lately that every time I'm online I keep seeing cute things that I think Jonathan's sister, Mary, would like. And I keep bookmarking them, intending to email her the links later and I never get around to it. So here, without further ado, are a bunch of random online finds that I think Mary would enjoy:

this necklace

this little brown hat
which would look cute with this jacket:

this awesome pocket knife pillow

this cute little owl lamp

these funny denture-shaped ice cubes!

this birdseed sack pillow

these cute little snail notecards

this bird's egg vase

these fabulous green and white chairs

and lastly, this adorable top from Anthropologie


Retainer Girl said...

I love the chairs!

Maybe that's one thing you can do in Denver to force you/help you to socialize: go to interior design school or fashion school or something like that out there.

And by maybe, I mean DO IT. You're talented. DO IT.

Smiley face!

Olivia said...

I adore the denture icecubes and the hat. So cute! You should be a personal shopper!

Anonymous said...

I love EVERYTHING you picked out!!! You know me to well. Love you sis, MARY :)