20 May 2008

what to do ... what to do

I am dropping the children off at Jonathan's mom's house this morning around 11 so they can hang out with her for the day. Which gives me an entire day all to myself. (I'm not counting Mabel because she sleeps a lot during the day.)

So that gives me several hours to get things done for the move. The moving company is sending a rep out here Thurday to give us an estimate, so I really want to have the basement all packed and sorted so it is more evident which things are coming with us and which are staying here. Which I've started and all that, but it's still such a mess down there that I would probably seriously have to walk around touching everything saying, "This is coming ... this is staying ... this is coming ... this is staying ..." so I want everything grouped into 2 separate and distinct areas.

Fun, right?

I also need to finish painting upstairs. When I painted the downstairs and the upstairs hallway, I never somehow got around to lugging out our ladder and setting it up on the stairs and painting all the way up the staircase to the ceiling. So if you look up while walking down the stairs, it looks sort of like modern art. At least that's what I've been telling myself for the past several months. A ridiculously long time for me to have been avoiding this chore, but have I mentioned I hate ladders? And the very idea of standing on one that is propped up on a long staircase is a thing that makes me go hmmmm...

So right there are 2 things I should do today.



It is a dark, rainy day. And I will have the day All. To. Myself.

And there are several things, way more tempting things, I could do instead. Like go into non-stroller, non-child friendly stores, like Pier1 or Ulta or the supercool little bookstores downtown, and sip a (free!) Wawa coffee and look around me at all of the pretty, pretty things. This scenario is very bewitching.

I also have about a bazillion episodes of Cold Case on the DVR that I could sit back and watch. With Mabel.

I could give myself a pedicure.

I could shave my legs. Above the knees.

So I will probably take a mental health day today. I'm not gonna lie to you. I've been just a little stressed out lately.
  • Biting my nails? Check.
  • Grinding my teeth? Check.
  • Pulling out my eyelashes? Check.
  • Pimples at age 33? Check.
  • Creepy nightmares about all of my teeth falling out of my head? Check.


Anonymous said...

Try putting labels on boxes - red stay, green go.

Aunt D

Retainer Girl said...

Take a mental health day. You deserve it.

I think you should get up and go to Ulta and the bookstore, then come home and spend the rest of the day watching "Cold Case" with Mabel, whom I really, really, really, REALLY want to kidnap.

Olivia said...

Since I got a text from you saying "mmmmm...Chipotle", I am assuming that you made the wise decision to take the day for yourself. YAY!

Dark Fury said...

How dare you taunt me with Chipotle, madam? I now have to eat Mexican food tonight. Have. To.

Kristen said...

you pull out eyelashes, too? I never knew that. Just don't pluck yourself bald. Trust me.