03 July 2008

a cry in the night

I spent 3 hours on my cell phone today trying to get our stupid internet connection straightened out. Hi. I'm back online at last. But I am way too tired to really sit here and blog. But I wanted to share this little story.

Jonathan woke us both up in the middle of the night the other night, yelling, "Sons of bitches!"

I touched his arm and asked him if he was okay and he grunted that some dudes were breaking into our car. Once I knew he was awake and okay, I burst into giggles. And I couldn't stop. It was just so ... so sudden: "Sons of bitches!" I mean, who says that?!

He didn't find it funny at all. (He does now. "Sons of bitches!" has become a running joke now.) But at the time, he flipped dramatically onto his side, turning his back to me as I lay there gasping and wheezing.

Then he said, in an ominous voice: "I hope you fart."


Olivia said...

I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

That is TOOOOOOO funny. Maybe he had a deeper relationship with your red car than I thought. The Purple Heart people came and got it Wednesday....maybe the car was calling out to him :)

I am glad you guys are back on line. We miss you, too.


Roxanna said...

I am so happy to see that you guys are back online we have all been missing you. I hope all is going well. And man J nice burn on E haha

Anonymous said...

I miss that car.....
I mean, who needs a car with a working gas gauge?

Thanks again for handling that for us. We bought a new car today. A 2005 Honda Pilot SUV. Yup, we are officially Rocky Mountain yuppies!