03 August 2008


So Jonathan took us all to Super Target this morning and bought me a bicycle!

It is a pink Schwinn, and it is still out in the car because I have had an upset stomach today. I think it is because I have been wearing my glasses all day to see if that will drive my headache away, and (as anyone who has ever worn glasses in the history of the world can testify) glasses make you feel like total crap when you first start wearing them. Walking in them is weird; I feel like the ground beneath my feet is a billion miles away. So I have been lying around all day feeling crummy (what else is new?) and let's just say that trying out the various bikes in Target was ... interesting.

First is the fact that I seriously have not been on a bike (I'm not counting stationary bikes) in about 20 years. Seriously.

Second. Everyone in Colorado (except me, so far) rides bikes. Again, seriously. Every other car out here has a bike rack on the back. And the ones that don't have a bike rack have some sort of water device like a canoe or kayak strapped to their roof instead. No foolin.' And all of these bike-riders were in the bike aisle of Super Target this morning.

Third. I have a feeling my ass looks huge while sitting on a bike.

So I felt like a total jackass, "riding" each bike with one foot firmly on the ground (sort of like a big skateboard with a seat on it) up and down the bike aisle in SuperTarget. Especially since my glasses were making me feel dizzy and there were all of these uberhelpful fellow customers making suggestions. Like that, yes, I was supposed to be so high up off the ground. And that my legs should be fully extended while pedaling (impossible, by the way, with one foot on the ground). And finally, that maybe I did need a smaller bike.

I chose a pink bike. Because "pink is my signature color." But I wasn't even sure if that was a wise decision because I don't necessarily want to be such a focal point while I am out riding. But, then I figured, it's a pink bike. Not exactly the kind of bike a serious biker would be riding, and let's face it, I am not going to be some speed racer or anything.

And I chose a black helmet, so there.

Anyway, isn't it pretty?


Amy Heiman said...

Love it! I got a bike for Mother's Day and really love it. Mine's not pink, though--yours is awesome.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kristen said...

Nice bike! :)

leila said...

The pink will make you more visible and safer. So there.

Good for you, get out there and enjoy the Big Outdoors!

Olivia said...

I lurve it! Hope your tummy feels better. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you Erin!!! Now I have a biking partner!!!!
So really, I'm so excited for ME!!!!!


Roxanna said...

man that sounds like a good time haha

Erin Snyder said...

Cute bike!!! Good choice on the pink bike. why would you want to look like everyone else out there, your name is Erin!!! hhehehehahah!!!
Sounds like you could have a touch of altitude sickness. Most of my friends that moved there from lower altitudes had problems 2-3 months later. They say rest, water and staying in Denver for about a week will help it. No going up higher elevations for a week or so. Hope that helps, I hear that it makes you feel LOUSY!!!! Feel better Erin!!! I'm coming out to see friends and family in October and of course go to the beer festival in Denver, wanna come drink some beer?!!!

CindyLou said...

Fat bottom girls makin the rockin world go round, so you shouldn't worry if your butt looks big on a bike, you are performing a valuable service for the rockin world. Somebody's gotta do it, might as well be you!

Lesley Jones said...

Hey Eek-Eek - I tagged you in my blog... I think you've done this before but thought you might be ready for 6 new things! http://beadgenie.blogspot.com/