07 August 2008

funk and soul music

So we went to see this kick-ass band, Funkiphino, play at the Englewood Civic Center tonight. It was so much fun. The weather was gorgeous--cloudy and crisp--and I brought enough food for about ... oh, I don't know ... a billion people.

Blue and Lion danced and jumped and even attempted what looked like break-dancing. They made everyone around us smile. There was a stall behind us selling Chinese food and the dudes working there got such a kick out of the kids' dance moves that they brought them over some fortune cookies.

I hope I never forget the sight of my children dancing, holding hands and laughing hysterically to the song "Lady Marmalade." I hope I never forget it because Jonathan and I forgot to bring a camera.

Good times. Good times.


Retainer Girl said...

That sounds awesome!

Elisa said...

OOooo, I love funk and soul music!! (I was obsessed with Remy Shand for a while). I think you sent some nice weather our way... Just in time for the 2 most amazing Leo's ever (Katherine and I) :)