07 August 2008

no school

Well, the answer is "No." No, Blue cannot go to the preschool that is right beside our apartment complex next year because they are not accepting any more students. Grrrrrr...

I tried to contact the school as soon as we moved in but the office had just closed for the summer. They opened again this week and I called twice and left messages without any response and then walked over to the school and was told I needed to contact the school district. So I called them twice and left messages and again got no reply so yesterday Jonathan drove over to the school district office and was told Blue's name will be put on a waiting list. So basically, if someone moves between now and the end of the month ... maybe? I say maybe because we have no idea how long the waiting list even is. She could even conceivably be admitted mid-year if a vacancy comes up, so we'll see...

I am really frustrated by this. I mean, I was afraid this would happen and I am so irritated with myself for not contacting the school while I was still in Virginia. Because I was researching preschools in Aurora, and I saw that this one was near our apartment complex (I didn't realize that it was within walking distance, though, or I would definitely have called) but at the time we weren't sure if we wanted to continue sending her to a Catholic preschool or what.

So today I signed her up for swimming lessons every Tuesday and dance classes every Friday and I'm looking for a third activity for her. Just so she can interact with other children her age and practice following directions and get to do something physical to burn off some of her energy and so she (and I) can make some friends. And, you know, learn to swim and dance, too.

I am planning to take her to storytime at the library, but I don't know if I could count on the same children being there every week, so I want to find just one more activity to enroll her in. Soccer doesn't start until the spring. There's gymnastics, but in my head gymnastics and dance for a 4 year-old are basically the same thing. I mean, how much can a child that age do? Maybe something musical? Or an art class?

I am trying to look at this positively. I mean, some kids don't even go to preschool at all. And this way, she'll make potentially three times as many friends... But I am secretly very frustrated.

So there you have it. The situation.


Tonight there is a free funk and soul music concert in the park. Funk and soul. Awesome. So I went shopping with the kids today to buy Blue some new ballet shoes and a new bathingsuit and a picnic dinner for us to bring to the concert. It is beautiful out today--very cool and breezy--so we may actually get to wear pants and jackets to the concert! YAY! I am just loving the weather here. I just wilt when it is hot out.


Kristen said...

I hear ya. I've been absolutely wilting where I am. We are just happy that the weather has "cooled off" and is only supposed to hit 90 the next couple of days. ARGH! I think I need to move where you are! :)

Oh and good luck with your daughter's activities!

Retainer Girl said...

a) Allow me to say (again) how jealous I am of you living in Colorado.

b) When I was four, I did dance, ballet, jazz/tap, gymnastics and swimming. (My parents tried to make up for what their childhoods lacked.)

Lesley Jones said...

PAtrick never went to pre-school, and he was just fine! Also, you'd be surprised but a lot of the same mommies go to storytime every week... happened in Md, and happens here in Tx. Oh and just remember, some soccer leagues is really 2 activities, practice AND game each week. That's why we only have Patrick in soccer and AWANA (at church). Lily will be in gymnastics and AWANA. Between the two of them, that's enough back and forth driving for me!