28 October 2008

can you hear me now?

I am a mess. Living in a messy apartment.

We had our home inspection on Wednesday. Luckily our new house, although an eyesore, has good bone structure.

We are still set to close on November 14 and that date is approaching at breakneck speed. Since we just moved three months ago, half of our belongings are in storage units downstairs, still boxed. And Jonny saved all of the boxes from when I unpacked, so I have been reusing them. It irks me to buy newspapers just to ball them up and stuff them into the boxes, but at least I have boxes, right?

So my packing style is this:
  1. grab a box from the pile in the living room
  2. assemble box
  3. check the label I scribbled on box this summer
  4. fill box with said items
So each box is a surprise. And so each room in the apartment has been half-packed, half-assed. But since no one ever pops over to visit us here, I don't care how disgusting this place is looking. In my head I am already outta here.

Jonathan and I are full of plans for this house. Which we have named Glenbogle House. If you are a fellow Monarch of the Glen fan, you get the joke. If not, um, go rent it from Netflix. You will love it. In the meantime, here is the first sentence of the synopsis on imdb:
Archie MacDonald, carving out a life for himself as a restaurateur in London, finds himself called back to his home in the Scottish Highlands to assume his role as The Laird of Glenbogle and get the 40,000 acre estate back on its feet.
Since this house is so badly in need of some tlc and since it is the neighborhood called Hyland Greens (and since I am obsessed with this freakin' show) Jonny named the house Glenbogle and the name has stuck.

PS Glenbogle is pronounced with a long "o" sound like the word "ogre." Just rent the series, for God's sake! It is awesome.


Olivia said...


Does your estate come with it's own gilly named Golly?

Anonymous said...

No, the gilly's name is Billy, Kilwillie.

Dark Fury said...

I...SORRY! I....just...SORRY!

Retainer Girl said...


Lesley Jones said...

I'm having flashbacks... we did the same thing when we moved to Texas... decided to rent, then it was only 3 months before we found a house we wanted (and it was a foreclosure, so we wanted to snap it up). Unfortunately, I'm anal, and I had already unpacked every single box. I still had the boxes though, but boy did I dread packing things that I just pulled out. Fortunately we only moved 4 miles, so we moved in several small stages (like throwing clothes into the back of the car and driving them over!). How many miles from apartment to house???

Anonymous said...

It's about a 30 minute drive. But since we will have about 2 weeks to get our stuff over there before we have to be out of the apartment we're going to just throw stuff in the car, too. The fun part is going to be putting in all new floors, appliances and a counter top in one week before we start moving our junk over.