28 October 2008

good grief, good night

What a great night I'm having! Jonny and I took the kids to the library this afternoon and we voted. I love voting. I do not understand people who do not vote; I really don't. I have always voted, even in primaries, and it is a feeling unlike any other...

I am very happy we voted early and I encourage everyone to get out and do it. We were in line for quite a long time (there are a lot of initiatives on Colorado's ballot) and I cannot imagine how crowded it will be on Election Day!

Then we went to Home Depot and looked at paint chips and appliances and flooring for Glenbogle House.

Then we came home and made an awesome faux Chipotle dinner of black bean burritos with guacamole and pico de gallo and lime-cilantro rice. So good. I could eat Mexican food every night. Seriously. Every. Single. Night.

Then the kids made construction paper Jack O'Lanterns and now we are watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


Dark Fury said...

Well done! Taking your kids to vote with you is super important. It instills the importance of it at an early age. As my mother always says, "the family that votes together stays together." PS? I still get really excited about voting on election day even though I've been voting for (mumble snort mumble) years.
Also, Mexican food is the best and there is nothing better than watching holiday cartoons.
Sigh. I miss you guys!

Olivia said...


Anonymous said...

Poor Sadie. She was so confused when we told her what we were doing there.

We left the polling place and she said, "Hey! You said we were going on a BOAT!?".

Olivia said...

HA! She cracks me up!

Quinn said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm thrilled that you took the kids to the polls. I can't understand(or respect) those who don't "boat".....It's a priveledge that some died for.