09 October 2008

checking in

Just a brief post because the guilt over not blogging for a few days is creeping up on me.

Lily and Roxanna and Tim went home on Monday!

I left a message on Roxanna's cell yesterday just to say hi. Maybe, hopefully, she was sleeping when I called. I have been afraid to call for fear of waking everyone up because I remember the early days with Blue - of trying to nap whenever/wherever the baby napped.

My mom is visiting next week! I got very homesick for my family after Jonathan's parents visited and I just went online one day and bought my mom an airline ticket. So we are super excited about that. I told Blue that Grandma will sleep in her bed and she can sleep in a sleeping bag. She got so excited: "I can sleep in a sleeping bag!" and then, "What's a sleeping bag?"

So she will be here in five days. I can't wait. It will be much more low-key than Jonathan's parents' visit, because Jonny will be working all week, having just taken 3 weeks off, but I know my mom could care less about touring the great state of Colorado. She just wants to see the kids. And maybe go out to eat.

So there is the excitement over the impending visit. And over Halloween. The kids are very excited about Halloween. We look at all of the Halloween merchandise in the stores whenever we are out. And we read The Five Little Pumpkins at night. Lion is going to be Spider-Man. And Blue is going to be Princess Jasmine even though every other day she decides she no longer likes Jasmine. I say too bad, honey, you already have a Jasmine costume so you are going to be Jasmine!

We were planning to go to Aurora's annual Jack-O-Launch pumpkin toss on Saturday, but now it looks as though we may get some SNOW on Saturday so I'm not sure if we will attend or not. I can't wait! I told Jonathan we are probably the only people in all of Colorado who are excited that it might snow. But I am ready for winter. I gave the kids hot (more like warm, but whatever) chocolate tonight after dinner, even though it was really warm out today.

It was the first time Lion had ever had hot chocolate. He was so cute, sipping out of one of my huge coffee mugs. He would sip very carefully and then he would lift his head and have a huge, goofy smile on his face. I think he really liked the chocolate. He told me he was pretending it was coffee.


Amy Heiman said...

I hope that you have a great visit with your mom. Lily is adorable! Congrats to Roxanna and Tim.

Anonymous said...

Shelton and I are so happy about Lily's arrival. Our love to the proud parents! Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of things.

Have a wonderful time with your Mom. If it snows (which I hope it does), I thought I'd send along a suggestion for your next (adult) cup of hot chocolate...,last night I fixed some yummy hot chocolate with a fair amount of 'Irish Mist', and topped it with some Rediwhip.... yummo! Give the wee ones hugs and kisses from us (save a few for you and Jonathan). xo

Sarah said...

Snow? I am so jealous! I think we got 1/2 an inch that lasted 2 hours last year, right?

I am so excited that your mom is coming to see you guys!

I had been looking foward to giving Paige her first mug of warm chocolate the other day. She was really excited about drinking it and took one sip and left the rest. Oh well.