10 October 2008


Yesterday Jonathan and I fell in love. With a house.

And then today we contacted a realtor and found out that this property is bank-owned and there are 2 offers pending and the bank wanted any and all offers submitted by 5:00 tonight!

So we ran around like maniacs, going over all of our debts and incomes. And Jonathan contacted a mortgage broker and got a letter stating how much money we are approved to borrow and then he drove through crazy horrible traffic to meet the agent and submit the offer. Since there were 2 other offers on the house, we went slightly over the asking price. And crossed our fingers and toes. The house needed quite a lot of work so we hoped the others had bid below the asking price.

Jonathan came home and brought me some Mike's Hard Lemonade (it has been a stressful day) and told me that the agent let us know that the other 2 potential buyers have been in a bidding war for weeks now and had both offered substantially higher than we did.

So at least now we know.

End of stress and drama and chest pain and frantic phone calls and racing around like maniacs.

It wasn't meant to be.

But I am so proud of my boy for racing around and doing everything he could possibly do to try and get this house for us. And he is proud of me that I am accepting the end result so well. And we have learned several things from this crazy day:

1. we know how much house we can afford
2. we have found an agent and a broker that we really like
3. we have really narrowed down what we are looking for in a home
4. we know we really want to live in this neighborhood!

It is a gorgeous, gorgeous established neighborhood with a pool and tennis courts and a golf course. Lots of trails and bike paths and mature trees. And the homes are all very well-maintained craftsman-style houses and there are a lot of them (it is a large neighborhood) so hopefully there will be another similar house on the market in the next few months. That won't reek of cat pee.

I didn't mention that the house smelled like cat pee? Oh. Well, it did. But we still loved it.


Olivia said...

Good luck you guys! :D

Kristen said...

wow - I'm amazed you guys were able to pull that all together and make an offer in ONE DAY!
good luck with the house hunt.
And next time, show us pictures of the potential house! :)

Dark Fury said...

Craftsman style is the PERFECT home! I believe you know my feelings on this. Good luck!