15 October 2008

I can't believe it!


Jonathan completely lied to me about the house. He didn't want me to be stressed out while my mom is visiting. There were two other bids on the house but we didn't know what they were.

Bottom line:


This house:

and we close on November 14th, which is ten years to the day that we started dating!



Sarah said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Lying to your wife, though - booooooo!

Kristen said...

whoa, you're kidding!! That's amazing! :) YAY! Congrats!!

(oh yeah, and I can't believe your hubby pulled off such a blatant lie! crazy)

Olivia said...

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! Now you have room for me to come stay with you! :D

Congrats you guys!

jeremyandchristina said...

Yay!!!! WHat a stinker Jonathan is!! :)

Kelli said...

congratulations! how exciting! :)

Where's Weber said...

CONGRATULATIONS! sneaky jonathan. hee hee. i am so super happy for you. and i love it!

Anonymous said...

J--way to go, you sneaky devil!

Hooray! Now we can REALLY come visit you because there's plenty of room!!


Jenn M said...

aww.. that is the cutest thing a husband could do. props to Jonathan!!!
Nice house.. the kids are going to love it

Amy Heiman said...


Dark Fury said...

Heck yeah! That house is super sweet!

Roxanna said...

That is so great