16 October 2008


On Saturday we took the kids to Aurora's annual Jack-O-Launch pumpkin toss. We weren't planning on going because it was super cold outside and because it was supposed to rain, but at the very last minute we bundled them up in their hats and coats and went. And I am so happy that we did. I had a blast! There were all these booths set up selling carnival food and painting faces and carving pumpkins

and all these competitors who used various methods to launch the pumpkins. Some had built catapaults, some brought cannons

which the kids thought were a little loud

But we had such a fantastic time and I definitely want to go back next year.


Olivia said...

Ohmygoodness! They have grown so much. Jack looks like a little street thug in the last picture. All tough and stuff! :D

Anonymous said...

Sadie looks so cute with her short hair! Went to VA last week - was a little strange without you guys!

Aunt D